Local Expertise, Strategic Focus, and Dedication to Client Service
Akridge’s Leasing team is deeply invested in the DC community, giving us a thorough understanding of the local market and strong relationships across the industry. We leverage those relationships to continually expand our market knowledge, to identify and secure new Clients, and to ensure that existing Clients are happy in our buildings. Akridge also offers a unique leasing strategy based on an owner’s perspective. We are strategic in the Clients we target. We search for Clients that will help maintain the building’s appeal and increase its financial viability. Throughout the leasing process, we remain focused on the long-term value of each property in our portfolio. To that end, we structure creative contracts and carefully negotiate lease terms to ensure the best value for the property. Finally, we apply Akridge’s renowned Client service to all that we do. Our integrity remains a cornerstone of each deal we work on and our responsiveness and nimble decision-making ensure that we capitalize on all leads.

Akridge represents a wide range of owners, including institutional investors, owner-occupiers, nonprofits, international firms, and private investors. Because we only represent property owners, we never face the conflict of interest that occurs when representing both sides of a deal. Furthermore, we are involved in each phase of a property’s life-cycle and have experience with an array of property types, including trophy, ground-up construction, repositioning, and owner-occupied buildings. Our occupancy rates surpass both local and national averages, which increases the value of the properties we lease.

Our Leasing portfolio includes the following properties: