Committed to Reliable Connectivity
As modern office user’s technology and connectivity needs grow, those needs are becoming an increasingly important factor in office location decisions. Akridge is committed to delivering unparalleled connectivity and building technology resources in all the properties we develop and manage. We manage every aspect of technology to ensure that Clients have access to secure, reliable, and cost-effective services.

Akridge’s technology team works closely with development, property management, and building engineering to provide state-of-the-art knowledge and expertise. As Akridge develops a property, the technology team helps establish redundancy of service and provides feedback on the ideal location of dmarc room and telecom risers. They help evaluate new technology and systems trends to determine what should be incorporated into each building’s design. The technology team also helps integrate the telephone systems with elevators and access control for building notifications.

When Akridge manages a property, the technology team integrates the most efficient and cost effective solutions and enhancements throughout all building systems. Every building system receives the trained, experienced, and creative attention of the Akridge technology team. This includes HVAC, lighting, energy management, access control, CCTV, building data, and connectivity. The technology team supports our operations team in maximizing revenue, enhancing performance, and optimizing reliability. They provide input on the design, upgrade, and maintenance of building systems and work to identify weaknesses and correct them. This allows Akridge to deliver a building environment that helps to retain building occupants and increase the value of the asset.

The Akridge technology team provides the following support to all Akridge managed buildings:

  • Providing a more reliable internet/telcom connection through strategic partnerships with Tier 1 providers and redundancy of service
  • Providing more favorable Standard Level Agreement terms
  • Providing an easier and more seamless internet connection for our building occupants by managing all building communication risers and infrastructure distribution
  • Maximizing rooftop potential and minimizing clutter by managing all roof-top spaces and antenna installations and negotiations
  • Maintaining a secure building infrastructure through managing all access, installation, and maintenance of risers and dmarcs
  • Providing high speed internet to the building staff at a significantly-reduced cost to the ownership based on proprietary relationships
  • Ensuring there is excellent connectivity in all public amenity spaces, including lobbies, rooftops, and fitness centers
  • Maximizing cellular reception throughout the building by managing cellular signals, maintaining strategic partnerships with all four major carriers, and, if required by the space and approved by the carriers, managing the installation, maintenance, and upgrades of a DAS (Distributed Antenna System) system
  • Assisting with all technology upgrades to the building