Akridge Services
In every aspect of commercial real estate, Akridge strives to exceed every standard. 
With a range of services that includes all commercial real estate disciplines and executive involvement in every project on a daily basis, Akridge offers the capabilities that today’s real estate challenges demand. We understand the Washington metropolitan region as only a locally-based market leader can, and we count among our Clients not only investors and property owners but the properties' occupants as well.
Regardless of project scope or architectural style, Akridge’s vast range of services and attention to detail achieve maximum value and cost effectiveness. Typical responsibilities for land acquisitions or repositioning projects include design team management, contractor and subcontractor selection, contract negotiation, bidding, proposal analysis and coordination of construction activities. Additionally, Akridge can coordinate financing and assist in obtaining governmental agency approval.
Adam M. Gooch
Property Management
Akridge’s history of high occupancy rates is clear evidence of the level of service we provide our Clients every day. The satisfaction of owners and occupants alike is enhanced by Akridge’s innovative technologies and award-winning service. Our founder, Chip Akridge, often asserts that we are in the service business, not the space business. He exemplifies this maxim by personally visiting each property on a weekly basis – an action unequalled among our competitors. Property management literally enhances property value by effectively controlling costs and attracting and retaining high profile, valued Building Clients.
Kathryn L. Barnes
A full-service in-house leasing staff is yet another way the Akridge philosophy of service, flexibility and creativity maximizes value. Our leasing professionals are proactive, greatly expediting the lease-up of every new project and keeping the project leased throughout its lifespan. Through our comprehensive view of a project, we maintain the optimum balance between the investor’s goals and the occupant’s needs. Since 1974, our annual office vacancy rate has averaged less than 1% across our portfolio. This has been one-tenth the average vacancy rate of the overall Washington metropolitan market.
Wilbur E. Pace
Akridge has unparalleled market knowledge and experience with regional governing bodies. This enables us to recognize—and deliver—unexpected opportunities that others may not see. Through a combination of due diligence, creative planning, and financial expertise, we have underwritten and executed some of the most forward-thinking acquisition plans in the industry.
Michael G. Gill
Finance and Asset Management
Akridge brings the same attention to managing assets for outside investors that we convey upon our own properties. Through frequent examination of our assets’ potential, we are able to quickly identify and seize any opportunities to increase overall property value in a cost-effective fashion. Our steadfast attention to accuracy and fiduciary responsibility have forged Akridge’s leading reputation as a hands-on steward of premier properties.
Brian A. Cass
Construction Management

Construction management by the Akridge team is marked by exacting attention to detail and full coordination of all project steps and resources involved. Whether it is the design of a base building or the coordination of an interior buildout, Akridge’s construction management team fully embraces every project. Akridge also coordinates work with architects, identifies contractors and subcontractors and manages schedules to ensure an on-time delivery. From beginning to occupancy, our coordination, recordkeeping and attention to detail and service have earned us the region’s top reputation.

John Otto
Akridge can move existing properties forward in their form, function and image to maximize potential and optimize value. With our extensive repositioning expertise, Akridge can thoroughly change the exterior and interior of any building to realize greater potential for property owners. Beyond renovation, this value enhancement unlocks new potential in any property, and generates future returns on the owner’s investment. 
Thomas W. Wilbur
At a Glance
What Our Clients Say
"Wow! What service! I didn’t expect someone to actually come by in less than 10 minutes. I really appreciate the quick response..."
J. David Sandler
Senior Emergency Response Specialist, USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service
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